2-Piece, Snap-Fit Molding

You'll like the contemporary look and the ease of a "snap-fit" installation. Color-matched or contrasted aluminum molding snaps into place covering fastener heads and caulk beads. Both flat and reveal effects are easily obtained to give you the appearance you need at a low cost.

All molding bases can be attached to a wall surface prior to panel placement, compared to other systems that require installation of molding for one panel at a time. 2-piece moldings are easily combined with other systems to provide a variety of design options.

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Features & Benefits

  • Molding receptors are fastened before panel installation making this a non-progressive system installed in a grid- like fashion
  • Uses "J", "H" and/or "Reveal" moldings where the faceplate snaps into the receptor, overlapping the panel and hiding the joints and fasteners
  • Moldings can be color-matched or a contrasting color

With outstanding features such as exceptional strength and durability, ease of installation, and the flexibility of custom colors, Omega-Lite is the premier choice in aluminum composite material for a variety of architectural projects across the United States and Canada.