Laminators Incorporated Expands Thermolite™ Glazing Panel Product Line

High-performance ACM products for various glazing applications   

Hatfield, PA – In addition to their standard flat Thermolite panel, Laminators Incorporated now offers fabricated options to provide additional R-Value, customization of the reveal created between the panel face and mullion face, and wrapped edges to create hairline joints between panels in butt-glazed applications. Thermolite Glazing Panels are designed to easily fit into any standard or custom glazing system. With building and energy efficiency codes becoming even more stringent, these panels can be a smart solution for your next project. 

Thermolite U-Max is a 7-ply, rabbet edge panel designed to provide increased insulation on the interior face of the panel.  U-Max increases R-Value by 100-200% (over standard 1” infill panels) and is available up to a 3-1/2” overall panel thickness.

Thermolite SE provides new aesthetics with the ability to adjust the reveal created between the face of the mullion and the face of the panel.  Various options are available, including 2-4 stepped edges, which can fit into a 1” to 2-1/2” glazing pocket.

Thermolite WE edge treatment allows for a metal-to-metal bond when structural sealant is used in butt-glazed applications to create hairline joints. WE has 1-4 wrapped/panned edges and can be ordered up to a 2-1/2” panel thickness.