Laminators Incorporated Launches the Industry’s Thickest and Strongest ACM Products in the Market

The only high-performance ACM available with thicknesses greater than 10mm  

Hatfield, PA – Laminators Incorporated has launched the first ultimate high-performance ACM product in the market. The new thicker ACM panels can span across longer, unsupported distances than traditional plywood and ACM products. Alumalite® & Pro-Lite™ 15mm and 25mm panels are an excellent option for applications that require longer, unsupported spans, such as—tradeshow exhibits, POP displays, industrial packaging, shipping/storage containers, etc. 


The 15mm/25mm products have the same top-quality characteristics as Laminators’ 6mm/10mm Alumalite and 10mm Pro-Lite panels with the structural performance of plywood. Excellent strength to weight ratio—56% greater flexural rigidity over plywood (25mm Alumalite only)—making these panels the strongest ACM in the industry.

The panels offer ultimate rigidity and maximum flatness. They can be easily fabricated with a CNC machine or with standard carpentry tools. The aluminum surface is ideal for paints, digital inks (both UV or solvent cured), screen print inks and pressure-sensitive vinyl. The panels have a 10-year Colorfast warranty as well as a 5-year limited warranty on lamination. They are weather resistant (no edge seal required) and have a class A flame spread rating.

Download the flyer to learn more.