Laminators Incorporated Rings in the New Year with a New Logo

Laminators Inc. debuts a new logo for 2022

Hatfield, PA – Laminators Incorporated is proud to announce the launch of a new company logo as part of the ongoing evolution of their company’s brand. After many years, they have refreshed their logo to reflect a more modern look that captures who they are today as well as into the future.

After careful consideration, Laminators decided to keep their red, white, and blue color scheme to signify the importance of being a manufacturer located in the USA—the red signifies energy, excitement, and intensity; the white signifies cleanliness, freshness, and simplicity; the blue signifies loyalty, wisdom, and stability. Located in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, Laminators is a family-owned and operated business now in its third generation. For close to 60 years, Laminators has been a leading manufacturer of a complete line of composite panels for the commercial construction, sign-making and OEM industries in the United States and Canada.

To help set them apart from other companies that provide similar products and services, two significant features were added to the new logo—a tagline and an icon.

Laminators wanted to take the guesswork out of their brand’s purpose by adding “Composite Panel Solutions” as a tagline to their new logo. This specific tagline helps provide clarity about who they are and what they can offer. Laminators does more than manufacture today’s premier ACM panels—they provide manufacturer-designed and tested installation systems, engineering assistance, custom fabrication, and all associated support services.

To enhance the significance of their tagline, a 3-dimensional icon featuring a “sandwiched panel” design was added to the logo. The 3D panel design emphasizes the focal point of Laminators—lightweight substrates that are exceptionally strong and durable, provide various application solutions, and are quick and easy for users to fabricate and install. While their composites are best known in the architectural and sign industries, Laminators also works with several other manufacturers to provide high-quality, customizable composite panels that can be used for their specific interior and exterior applications. The composite panels are comprised of aluminum or vinyl sheets bonded to various high-grade cores [high-density corrugated polypropylene, solid polyethylene, insulated foam, or wood] making them strong, lightweight and water-resistant.

Along with announcing their new brand identity, Laminators has more exciting things in the books for 2022, including updated architectural installation systems, new and improved sign products, as well as a new website set to launch the later part of this year.

If you have used the old Laminators Inc. logo in any of your marketing/sales materials, please contact or call 800.523.2347 and they will be happy to send you the new logo.