Laminators Incorporated is SmartCEO’s 2015 Philadelphia Family Business Honoree


President and CEO, David Thompson, honored at SmartCEO Family Business Awards Ceremony.

Hatfield, PA – On May 6, 2015 Laminators Incorporated President and CEO, David J. Thompson, as well as his brothers and fellow owners, Garrett and Scott Thompson were honored at the 2015 SmartCEO Family Business Awards ceremony in Philadelphia, PA.  Each year SmartCEO honors successful family businesses that continue to grow and move the country forward.

Located in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, Laminators Incorporated is a family-owned and operated business now in its third generation. For over 50 years, the Thompson family and the Laminators Incorporated team have been building a company that is known for its superior ACM products and turnkey services. Their forward-thinking processes and forward-looking products make them a leader in the industry.

According to SmartCEO, “more than two thirds of privately held businesses in the U.S. are family-owned firms. They are driving the local and national economy and fueling job growth.” Laminators Incorporated is committed to providing value through high-quality products, innovative application solutions and superior customer service.

Read SmartCEO’s full article on Laminators Incorporated and CEO, David Thompson.  Thompson was also featured in a video created by SmartCEO.

SmartCEO’s article on Laminators Incorporated/David J. Thompson:

“THE AMERICAN DREAM: Laminators Incorporated manufactures decorative metal wall systems for commercial construction building exteriors, and rigid panel substrates for sign makers. President and CEO David J. Thompson says an entrepreneurial mindset and a willingness to reinvent the company has kept his firm thriving for more than half a century. “Each new product offering was developed because a market dried up or major customers went out of business,” he says. “We’re focused on recognizing opportunities and overcoming adversity.”

PASSING THE TORCH: After leaving school with a 10th-grade education to support his family during the Great Depression, David Thompson’s grandfather started a handyman business that evolved into Laminators Incorporated. When David Thompson became president, he transitioned the company from an entrepreneurial leadership focus to a professional management team. David’s three brothers also joined company, each finding a niche that fueled the firm’s growth.

Quick Tip “You can’t hold others accountable unless they have clear, written, mutually set expectations with regular, consistent feedback. Too many employees think they are doing a good job because they haven’t been yelled at lately. We think that’s just wrong.”

PERFECTING PROCESSES: At Laminators, every potential hire, including family members, must go through the interview process. “We want our family members to be qualified and bring skills and education they learn outside our business to create ‘lift’ for the organization,” Thompson says. “It also helps each of us earn the respect of the rest of the employees.”

BUILDING A LEGACY: Thompson believes you build a strong reputation by doing the right things the right way. “It almost always comes back to us later in repeat business and new projects,” he says.”