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CAD Details and Technical Bulletins are to be considered as part of Laminators' Installation Guides and are required to install our systems properly.

Laminators Approved Materials - Effective February 1, 2018

This document contains new information that replaces content in our current installation guides


UPDATED 1-Piece, Tight-Fit Molding Installation Guide

Panel installation is easy with our durable, one-piece moldings. A traditional, high-tech appearance at an affordable cost

Clip & Caulk Installation Guide

Achieve a flat "look" without visible fasteners. Panels can be cut on-site with few peripheral accessories needed.

Rout & Return Installation Guide

Prefabricated panels can be panned on-site using standard carpentry tools to give a solid, finished appearance

Dry Seal Installation Guide

Create a high-performance, pressure-equalized wall system that reduces moisture-related issues in the wall cavity

Omega-Flex Installation Guide

Installation of Omega-Flex™ Panels over Plywood Sheathing. This installation supplement is to be used in conjunction with the Laminators' 1-Piece, Tight-Fit Installation Guide.