Legacy Field-Fabricated Installation Systems

In May 2019, Laminators introduced new and improved field-fabricated installation systems that are fully integrated back-drained and ventilated systems, along with an optional continuous insulation component.  Since the onset of the new systems, we renamed the previous 1-Piece, Tight-Fit Molding and Clip & Caulk systems as “Legacy Versions” of our systems.  These Legacy Field-Fabricated Installation Systems are ideal for various architectural features, as well as when building codes do not require the high performance as designed in our new and improved back-drained and ventilated systems.

Note regarding Laminators installation systems application:

All Legacy System Support documents represent each installation system as it has been designed, detailed, and tested and its relationship with a typical exterior wall assembly.  Each system is for use over plywood (structural) or non-structural (gypsum) sheathing and also addresses NFPA 285 compliance*.  As such, support documents may be considered a baseline for a Laminators installation system.

Due to the nature of a “Legacy Version”, full testing support may not be available for a specific installation system and exterior wall assembly combination.  As such, there is no implied minimum level of project-specific air, structural, water, and/or fire performance.

*Refer to NFPA 285 compliant CAD drawings

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