CEU Course

You have two AIA LU / HSW courses to choose from to earn 1 CEU credit! Take both courses and earn two CEU credits!


Take our 60-minute course, Evolution of Insulated Glazing Panels, and learn how to:

  • Define a curtain wall and identify early curtain wall systems
  • Examine the advantages of curtain wall systems
  • Identify and discuss alternative infill panels over traditional insulated glass units
  • Explain the benefits of aluminum insulated glazing infill panels

This course, Evolution of Insulated Glazing Panels, will provide information on early curtain wall systems, how they evolved over time, and came to incorporate insulated glazing infill panels.


Take our 60-minute course, Specifying ACM Installation Systems, and learn how to:

  • Identify the basic elements of an exterior ACM wall panel assembly
  • Discuss considerations for selecting continuous insulation
  • Understand the various core materials in ACM panels
  • Understand the different types of ACM installation systems
  • Discuss considerations for selecting an ACM panel and installation system

With many different options in designing a high-performance aluminum composite material (ACM) wall panel assembly, this course, Specifying ACM Installation Systems, will provide information on the wall system, differences in ACM panels and installation systems, as well as discuss considerations for selecting a product and system.

To receive credit, you are required to attend a 1-hour webinar presented by Laminators Inc.

While we do not currently have a national presentation scheduled at this time, if you’re interested in a presentation for your firm please contact us today and we’ll get you scheduled!

You can also download our previous course*, Code-Compliance Conflicts in the Exterior Wall Assembly, where you’ll learn how to specify aluminum composite material wall systems that satisfy conflicting code requirements and achieve performance goals.

*NOTE: You can no longer receive credit for this course. This is for informational purposes only.