Architectural Panel Products

Laminators offers various ACM panels and installation systems to give you the look you want at the budgeted cost you require. Omega-Lite installed in both our field-fabricated and shop-fabricated ACM installation systems meet NFPA 285, Florida Product Approval (FL #17652-R3), and Miami-Dade County Product Control (NOA #23-0911.07) requirements.


Corrugated core between finished aluminum sheets. Omega-Lite is also available in an FR core used in our new AdaptaClad™ RS installation system.

Omega CI® Rigid Insulation Panel

Omega CI is a rigid insulation panel comprising a closed-cell polyiso foam core bonded to a premium performance coated glass backer and a 5/8” fire-treated plywood face.

Thermolite™ Glazing Panel

Insulating foam core between corrugated, stabilizers/finished aluminum sheets. In addition to our standard flat Thermolite panel, Laminators also offers fabricated options.

InfernoShield® Non-Combustible Insulated Glazing Panel

NEW! InfernoShield panels are constructed of a Calcium Silicate core, sandwiched between extruded profile stabilizers with a finished aluminum sheet on each face.

Omega Foam-Ply®

Insulating foam core between two layers of exterior-grade hardboard stabilizers and finished aluminum sheets.


Polypropylene corrugated core bonded to a finished sheet of smooth or stucco-embossed aluminum on each side.


On-site radius applications. Highly decorative panels with a flexible backer.