Omega CI® Rigid Insulation Panel

Omega CI is a rigid insulation panel comprising a closed-cell polyiso foam core bonded to a premium performance coated glass backer and a 5/8” fire-treated plywood face. Omega CI is available in 4’ x 8’ sheets in 2.1” thickness (contact Laminators technical support for alternative thickness availability).

The plywood layer provides a dimensionally stable substrate by normalizing attachment loads (avoiding deformation of the rigid foam insulation) and is also fire-treated to allow for NFPA 285 compliance.

The foam insulation layer provides thermal resistance to achieve the desired R-value for the wall assembly without causing thermal bridging.

Omega CI


  • Ease of installation: product is installed in a similar manner to traditional plywood sheathing
  • Labor savings: combines the installation of continuous insulation and structural sheathing into one component
  • Single-source responsibility for product delivery
  • Simplifies attachment of ACM veneer systems by providing a continuous structural substrate
  • 2.1″ thickness provides R-9.6 for IECC/ASHRAE 90.1 prescriptive continuous insulation requirement
  • NFPA 285 compliant for installations on Type I, II, III, and IV construction


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Omega® CI Rigid Insulation Panels

Testing & Approvals

Class A fire rating and NFPA 285 compliant

Combining our Drained and Back-Ventilated, Field-Fabricated installation systems (1-Piece, Tight-Fit Molding; Clip & Caulk) with Omega CI and an air and water barrier offers a simple design solution for installations requiring continuous insulation while maintaining code-mandated performance requirements for water control and fire resistance.

  • Systems install directly to the plywood sheathing layer of Omega CI
  • Removes complex detailing and extensive planning associated with most proprietary solutions for installation of ACM veneer systems over continuous insulation
  • Members can easily be relocated during construction providing installers with the flexibility necessary to accommodate changing field conditions
  • Gives designers and installers the freedom to choose any air and water barrier product that can be installed over plywood sheathing (NFPA 285 requirements were met using Barritech VP)
  • Panel adhesive interfaces directly with sub-framing members; removes the potential for product incompatibility with air and water barrier

For product specifications, CAD drawings, technical information and installation guides visit our Downloads page.