Fabrication Services

Let Laminators handle your fabrication services needs. As manufacturers and fabricators of rigid panels, we understand all the nuances of fabricating for time- and cost-efficiency.

Save on time and labor costs by having us fabricate the panels for you. In many cases you may not be utilizing the entirety of a composite panel—you’re cutting, bending, shaping, contouring, and so much more. We’ll cut, rout, and bend the panels to the exact specifications needed for the project.

Because the panels are being fabricated by the same company that manufactures and supplies them, we understand the best way to provide superior looking, ready-to-install panels each and every time.

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What can Laminators do for you?

  • Pre-Cut Shapes
  • Custom Shapes
  • Cut-Outs
  • Fastener Holes
  • Routing & Bending Services

Featured Project: Ballston Quarter Pedestrian Bridge

In 2019, the Ballston Quarter Pedestrian Bridge in downtown Arlington, VA replaced the Festival Bridge built in 1996. This new walkway connects the Ballston Quarter (mall) and the Ballston Exchange (mixed-use office/retail building).

Architect StudioTECHNE, Cleveland, OH reached out to Laminators Incorporated regarding the use of Omega-Bond® panels for the ceiling and wall section of the interior walkway of the pedestrian bridge.

Laminators fabricated over 200 pieces of 2-sided white Omega-Bond® Premium aluminum composite material (ACM) panels to the exact specifications of the project design. The 3mm (overall thickness) Omega-Bond Premium panels feature a .012″ aluminum skin thickness and higher quality plastic core that is designed and best suited for fabricated projects. The thicker gauge aluminum is optimal to achieve best results for shapes, angles, various size holes, etc. needed for the Ballston pedestrian bridge.

Read more about it here!

What are the benefits of using Laminators for your fabrication services?

  • Reduce time and scheduling issues as well as labor costs
  • Minimize weight and shipping costs instead of shipping full sheets
  • Rely on the manufacturer’s knowledge and expertise

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