For many involved in the building industry, NFPA 285 is a major topic. Are your products and/or install systems NFPA 285 compliant? If not, do they need to be?

The article "NFPA 285, Architectural Design and Energy Performance” by Richard Keleher in the Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences explains the codes and standards within the building industry when it comes to NFPA 285.

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When choosing building materials, do you factor in the climate? Does it get really cold? Really hot? Frequent rain storms? Or snow storms? Analyzing the climatic conditions is important when specifying certain building materials. 

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Written By: Mike Mantione, Architectural Building Products, NY

To keep up with increased competition from new Class A office projects and to reposition themselves for today’s workforce, it is essential for owners to find value-added solutions for their outdated commercial office assets.

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Laminators Incorporated hurricane-tested their Omega-Lite ACM panels in their Dry Seal installation system.
This video shows testing done for Large Missile Impact during a hurricane, which is one of the tests Miami-Dade County requires to obtain a Notice of Acceptance (NOA).
Watch the video here!
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Mark Segal of Mark D. Segal Photography came up with a brilliant idea of mounting one of his beautiful prints to our Omega-Bond solid core aluminum composite panel.  The results are stunning!

Photo Credit: SML Graphic Solutions Inc. and Mark D. Segal Photography

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