Omega-Lite® Panels Rev Up Colorado Car Museum

Laminators Inc. shimmery, metallic ACM panels beautify the Gallery from the outside in.  

Hatfield, PA – Have a passion for cars?  Vehicle Vault in Parker, CO is the premier auto gallery and leading custom garage community that hosts dozens of local and regional auto shows and car club events each year.  Car enthusiasts can showcase their vehicles as well as entertain family, friends and other car admirers in their own luxurious garage condo.  The Gallery features a collection of rare and exotic automobiles from all around the world, making it a perfect setting for those who share this similar passion.  Displays designed to educate, inspire and encourage an appreciation for America’s favorite past-time.  From educational opportunities in automobile and engineering design to manufacturing and maintenance programs to interactive and rotating car exhibits, the Gallery is not your average car museum.    

Because the interior of the Vehicle Vault Gallery is so remarkable, the exterior needed to be just as impressive.  SEM Architects, Inc. in Denver, CO designed a building that fit the bill.  Featuring a two-toned metallic color scheme that blends modern architecture with lively accents, Vehicle Vault is certainly dressed to impress. 

Although budget restrictions and timing constraints were factors in the overall decision-making process, general contractor, Kahn Construction of Centennial, CO took the lead and pushed the project forward.  Precision Contractors, LLC of Englewood, CO installed over 7,100 square feet of Laminators Incorporated Omega-Lite ACM panels, including 4,712 sq. ft. in Bright Silver Metallic and 2,400 sq. ft. in Coppertone Metallic.  The Coppertone panels exquisitely accent the outside of the building, as well as beautifully flow into the interior Gallery entrance.  All panels were distributed by Riddell and Company of Castle Rock, CO and installed using Laminators Inc. 1-Piece, Tight-Fit Moldings system.