Shopping Never Looked So Good for the Growing Residential Area of Greater Columbia, SC

Sleek Slate Grey Omega-Lite ACM panels beautifully clad the newly renovated Harbison Court Shopping Center.

Hatfield, PA – Strategically located near I-26 and in the primary retail corridor of a growing residential area in Greater Columbia, South Carolina, Harbison Court shopping center has over 301,000 sq. ft. of retail property.  Originally opened in 1991, Harbison Court was redeveloped in 2006 and just recently given a face-lift in 2015.  Some of its major tenants include Babies “R” Us, Nordstrom Rack, Ross Dress for Less, Marshalls, Starbucks and Olive Garden.   

Part of that 2015 makeover included over 25,000 sq ft of Laminators Incorporated Omega-Lite ACM panels in Slate Grey exquisitely cladding the exterior using their proprietary Clip & Caulk installation system. Abrams Architectural Products in Austell, GA distributed and installed all 25k sq ft of the ACM panels.   

Omega-Lite ACM panels offer a highly decorative, strong, and durable surface finish for exterior wall surfaces. Composed of a polypropylene, light-weight corrugated core between two finished aluminum sheets, these panels are non-absorbent, water-resistant and easy to maintain.

Laminators' Clip & Caulk installation system gives you the Rout & Return "look" without the hassle of prefabricating the panels, greatly reducing the total installed cost and project timeline.  This easy, field- proven method is the choice of architects and installers who are looking for a very flat look without visible fasteners.  Panels can be cut on-site with few peripheral accessories needed for installation.  Color-matched caulk gives a beautiful monochromatic look; contrasting caulk can be used with eye-pleasing results. Clip & Caulk looks great in combination with masonry, glass, 1-piece extruded molding systems or by itself in a stand-alone application.

Omega-Lite installed with the Clip & Caulk system met the Miami-Dade County Product Control and Florida Product Approval requirements.  Laminators Inc. manufactures high quality ACM panels that meet these stringent performance levels and provide design professionals and building owners the confidence that their cladding will withstand the most extreme conditions.