Omega Foam-Ply®

Omega Foam-Ply panels are an excellent solution for budget-conscious applications in energy retrofits, storefronts, and opaque glazing, and have an overall panel thickness of 5/8" to 3-1/2" (16-89mm) with 1" (25mm) thick being typical. Featuring an insulating foam core sandwiched between two layers of exterior-grade hardboard and finished aluminum sheets, these panels provide a decorative and economical solution for exterior glazing applications.

Omega Foam-Ply panels are available in a variety of colors and two surface finishes, offering a wide range of design and construction options.


  • Storefronts
  • In-fill panels
  • Opaque glazing
  • Spandrels
  • Sunrooms

Available Colors

Click here to view our full selection of standard colors. Custom colors are available upon request.

Installation Systems

Omega Foam-Ply panels are typically installed using storefront extrusions.

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