Budget Pricing Request

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your request will be for budget pricing only. This is NOT a quote and will vary from a quote generated from a formal take-off. Laminators will provide you with estimated quantities and budget numbers within 24 hours of your request.

The pricing generated from this tool is not in any way guaranteeing that a formal take-off will yield similar pricing. It is recommended that a sufficient contingency be employed to cover potential differences between budget-level pricing versus a formal take-off.

The pricing generated from this tool can be considered current for 60 days from the date of the delivered budget pricing.

To order material, a formal take-off must be performed by Laminators.

Provide the project's City, State, and Zip Code.
Select smallest common panel size with closest aspect ratio. Orientation is landscape (height x width) unless noted otherwise.
Provide area of panel installation NET of windows or areas not to receive panels. Enter a numeric value ONLY (ex. 12345). The form cannot be submitted if there is any text within the field.
Refer to the Contingency Guidelines below.


Contingency Guidelines

1. Laminators recommends a 15% minimum contingency for typical projects.

2. Increase contingency if your project includes the following features:

  • Fabricated panel returns at building corners
  • Soffit conditions
  • Isolated accept panels (e.g. single panels outside of a typical installation area)
  • Accent features with complex geometries (e.g. cornices, eyebrows, banding, etc.)
  • Multiple panel sizes that are significantly different in size and aspect ratio