Omega-Lite® ACM Panel and Four Exterior Wall Installation Systems Receive Florida Product Approval

ACM Panel and Proprietary Installation Systems approved for the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) with wind load design pressure of +/- 120 psf.

Hatfield, PA – Laminators Incorporated received notice from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulations indicating that the application for Florida Product Approval (FPA) has been approved for the 2023 Florida Building Code (FBC). Laminators’ Omega-Lite® ACM panels and applicable installation systems are approved for use in all Florida jurisdictions requiring FPA, including the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) with a wind load design pressure of +/- 120 pounds per square foot.

The approval, FL# 17652-R3, includes 6mm Omega-Lite ACM panels installed in four of Laminators’ proprietary installation systems—1-Piece, Tight-Fit Molding, Clip and Caulk, Dry Seal, and Rout & Return.

The Florida Building Code is based on national model building codes and national standards which have been amended to meet the specific needs for the design and construction of buildings in Florida. It is intended to make the local building process more efficient, increase accountability, bring safer products to the market, and better protect residents in the natural-disaster prone area.

Florida Product Approval, along with the Florida Building Code, ensures safe products and technologies are used in building construction. While Florida Product Approval is mandatory on construction projects in the state of Florida, many other coastal areas have adopted or referenced the Florida Building Code and Florida Product Approval in their building code requirements.

In addition, Laminators’ Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA #23-0911.07) has also been updated for compliance with the 2023 Florida Building Code. Each applicable installation system met the requirements of the small and large missile impact testing using Laminators’ Omega-Lite ACM panels over plywood substrate and are approved for use in the HVHZ with a wind load design pressure of +/- 120 psf.

“We’re proud to be able to engineer and manufacture high quality ACM panels and installation systems that meet the rigorous standards of the High Velocity Hurricane Zone, and instill confidence in architects and building owners. Our commitment to delivering top-tier products underscores our dedication to safety, durability, and the peace of mind of those who entrust their projects to us.” Brian Jeter, Engineering Manager, Laminators Incorporated.