Omega-Lite®: NFPA 285 Standard Tested

To allow for specification in multistory and high-rise construction applications, Laminators Incorporated manufactures Omega-Lite aluminum composite panels and accompanying installation systems that adhere to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 285 Standard testing.

Omega-Lite panels installed with our 1-Piece, Tight-Fit, Clip & Caulk, Dry Seal, and Rout & Return installation systems using type "x" gypsum and steel construction pass all requirements of the NFPA 285 Standard test, making them ideal for projects where the prevention of fire spreading between floors is imperative. Unlike similar products in the industry, Laminators did not have to alter our product or installation method in order to pass the test.

Designed to determine the flammability of exterior non-loadbearing wall assemblies, NFPA 285 Standard testing was performed by independent testing agencies to measure Omega-Lite's ability to resist burning and help prevent the spread of fire. By simulating wall assembly fire performance, NFPA 285 Standard testing evaluates the inclusion of combustible components within wall assemblies that are required to be of noncombustible construction.