The Aluminum Association Appoints Laminators Incorporated’s Technical Sales Engineer to its Engineering and Design Task Force

Jeffrey W. Shriver, PE, CDT welcomed to Aluminum Association Engineering and Design Task Force (EDTF)

Hatfield, PA – Laminators Incorporated’s Technical Sales Engineer, Jeffrey W. Shriver, PE, CDT, was recently appointed by the Aluminum Association (AA) to serve as a member on their Engineering and Design Task Force (EDTF). Since 2020, Shriver has served on the Engineering Advisory Committee (EAC) for the Aluminum Association. Being a member of both the EAC and EDTF will move Shriver into a more active role in the upkeep of the current 2020 Aluminum Design Manual, as well as development and launch of the 2026 Aluminum Design Manual.

The Aluminum Association (AA) has worked with the industry for over 60 years developing and maintaining technical standards for aluminum production. The association represents companies that make 70% of the aluminum and aluminum products shipped in North America. There are various departments within the Aluminum Association including the Engineering and Design Task Force (EDTF) and the Engineering Advisory Committee (EAC) whose responsibility is to maintain the Aluminum Design Manual (ADM) created by AA.

According to the Aluminum Association, “this book is an invaluable resource to understand designing and constructing structures out of aluminum. It is divided into 9 critical sections detailing rules for determining the strength of aluminum structural components, buckling constants for welded and unwelded alloys, alloy and temper designation systems for wrought and cast aluminum alloys and more.”

Shriver is a Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, who brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience to fulfill the various duties and responsibilities of being a member of the Aluminum Association Engineering Advisory Committee and Engineering and Design Task Force. Shriver has spent the last seven years as a Technical Sales Engineer for Laminators Inc. as well as nine years prior as a Senior Forensic Engineer and nine and a half years as a Structural Engineer. Shriver earned a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering (BAE) with an emphasis in Structural Engineering from Penn State University, University Park, PA as well as a Business Management A.A.S. From Lehigh Carbon Community College. In 2015, Shriver obtained his Construction Document Technician (CDT) certification through Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) “to enhance and demonstrate knowledge of writing, interpreting, enforcing and managing construction documents.” (source: CSI)