While our composites are best known in the architectural and sign industries, Laminators Incorporated also works with several other manufacturers to provide high-quality, customizable composite panels that can be used for their specific interior and exterior applications.

Our composite panels are comprised of aluminum or vinyl sheets bonded to various high-grade cores [high-density corrugated polypropylene, solid polyethylene, insulated foam, or wood] making them strong, lightweight and water-resistant.

The panels have material bonded to both sides providing excellent rigidity, strength and durability. The panels will not swell, corrode, rot, wick water or delaminate—making them perfect for your application needs.

Panel thickness ranges* from 2mm to 25mm (5/64” to 1”) and sheet sizes range* from 4’ x 8’ to 5’ x 12’.

*Call Laminators for details on panel thickness and sheet sizes as not all apply for each product.

Applications & Industries

Aside from commercial and sign applications, our panels have been used in numerous applications and industries, including, but not limited to—
• Clean rooms
• Grow rooms
• Truck bed covers
• Auto aftermarket
• Race car splitters
• RVs
• Garage doors
• Art supply
• Ice house shanties
• Equipment enclosures
• POP displays & exhibits
• Tradeshow exhibits
• Kiosks

NOTE: Our standard products have been tested for architectural and signage uses only.  You are responsible for testing the product(s) for your specific application.

Available Colors & Finishes

The finished surface of our panels are available in a high-gloss, factory-baked Kynar or polyester painted aluminum,  mill finish aluminum, or anodized aluminum. Depending on the panel and aluminum thickness selected, finish options include smooth or stucco-embossed. We offer a full selection of standard colors, as well as unlimited custom colors [available upon request]. The painted surface is warranted not to crack, chip, flake or peel.


Let Laminators handle your fabrication needs. As manufacturers and fabricators of the panels, we understand all the nuances of fabricating for time- and cost-efficiency.

Save on time and labor costs by having us fabricate your panel products. In many cases you may not be utilizing the entirety of an ACM panel — you're cutting, bending, shaping, contouring, and so much more. We'll cut, rout, and bend the panels to the exact specifications needed for the project.


Contact us today at 800.523.2347 to see if our panels can be used for your application.