Clean Rooms

For over 15 years, Laminators Incorporated has been working with clean room manufacturers to provide aluminum composite panels that can be used as the wall and ceiling elements in the manufacturers’ designed clean room systems. Our ACM panels are comprised of painted aluminum sheets bonded to a high-density corrugated polypropylene core or a solid polyethylene core making them strong, lightweight and water-resistant.

The panels have an aluminum sheet bonded to both sides providing excellent rigidity, strength and durability. The panels will not swell, corrode, rot, wick water or delaminate—making them perfect for clean room applications.

Laminators’ most commonly used panels in clean room systems are Alumalite (Standard and Economy), Omega-Bond (Standard, Premium, and Economy), and Thermolite.

ACM Panel Fabrication & Installation

Panels are designed for on-site fabrication using standard carpentry tools allowing clean room assemblies to be designed and installed without costly engineering drawings and shop fabrications. To help save time on fabrication, Laminators can cut panels to your specific project requirements.

Features & Benefits of Our ACM Panels for Clean Rooms

  • Moisture resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • Lightweight
  • On-site fabrication
  • Class A flame spread
  • Alternative to aluminum honeycomb panels
  • Double-sided panels for modular/free standing rooms
  • V-groove & bend for perfect 90° corners

Contact us to see if Laminators’ panels are a good fit in your clean room system!