Omega-Bond® Premium

Solid core aluminum composite panels designed specifically for fabricated applications!

Features double-sided matte painted aluminum bonded to a solid polyethylene core designed specifically for fabrication applications.

The .012″ Omega-Bond Premium features a .012″ aluminum skin thickness (3mm overall panel thickness) and higher quality plastic core that is best suited for your fabricated projects!


  • The thicker gauge aluminum is optimal to achieve best results for fabrication projects. Routing and bending the panels is now easily accomplished.
  • Specially treated for optimal flatness before and after bending, by taking out all possible tension/stress from the panel itself.
  • Maximum durability is achieved since the solid polyethylene core has fewer impurities and lesser recycled content. This allows bending and cutting without breaking the core during the fabrication process.
  • The .012″ aluminum provides structural strength and allows 3-dimensional shapes to be achieved without an inner support or frame.
  • Various architectural signage, decorative canopies and cladding solutions can be easily fabricated for retail shops, restaurants, banks, car dealerships, etc.
  • Class A fire rating – passed ASTM E84-16 Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.
  • UL Recognized Component.


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Available in white only. Custom colors available by special order.

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