Wall & Fence Mounted Signs

Wall-mounted applications are designed for both interior and exterior site identification, wayfinding, and directional applications. They can offer a blend of cut letters/shapes and digitally printed graphics. If you only need one finished side and the panel strength is less important: Alumalite Economy or Omega-Bond are recommended; however, all of the other Laminators’ aluminum composite material sign boards will also work well.

Alumalite® Economy

Redesigned Econolite! Now an economical version of Alumalite Standard

Omega-Bond® Standard

Solid core aluminum composite panel featuring the same color and finish on both sides.

Note: All products are listed in order of best possible panel for this specific application


  • Excellent strength to weight ratio of all plastic core panels — means easy to install and require less structural support when installing
  • Water resistant features of plastic core panels offer ability to install without sealing panel edges
  • We offer a variety of different extrusions and installation methods that allow for hidden and accentuated seams, and exposed or hidden fasteners.
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • 5-year or 10-year colorfastness warranty and 5-year panel bond warranty (on most panels) meet long-term requirements of sign
  • All panels can be digitally printed directly onto the substrates using a variety of inks (latex, UV and solvent cured) with little to no prep work

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