Electrical LED or Neon Signs / Channel Letters

These recommended panels may be utilized as external decorative faces as well as support panels for complete electrical enclosures. They are also approved for use in wet, damp, or dry conditions, and for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Installation Instructions

While Alumalite Standard, Alumalite Economy, and LusterBoard panels may not be used to enclose bare live parts or wiring, they may be used as part of the sign body. Enclosures, plastic faces, and moldings may rely on these panels for support as long as each component is securely fastened to the panel. All bare live parts or wiring must be enclosed in a wireway as defined and approved by Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) Standard for Electrical Enclosures.

Components other than neon standoffs or small decorative parts must be secured to our panels using bolts, nuts, and washers of minimum 7/16″ diameter. Sheet metal screws may be used when fastening a ballast or transformer weighing not more than 7-1/2 lbs. or 3.4kg.

Channel Letters

Letters made from Alumalite Standard, Alumalite Economy, and LusterBoard must have at least two points of support, with no point located more than 10″ from another point of support.

Special Treatments

LusterBoard panel edges, including drill holes, must be treated with two coats of outdoor paint or wood coating to comply with UL’s standard.

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