3 Advantages of AdaptaClad™ RS Over Other Industry Rainscreen Systems

AdaptaClad™ RS is an extremely adaptable, easy-to-use rainscreen installation system designed to utilize our NEW Omega-Lite® FR ACM panels.

This new shop-fabricated system provides significant time and labor savings to fabricators and installers.

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AdaptaClad RS is a weather-resistant exterior wall cladding panel system that combines a modern reveal-joint aesthetic with drained and back ventilated rainscreen performance. It can be installed over a variety of substrates and on projects requiring Continuous Insulation (CI), such as our Omega CI® rigid insulation panels or third-party CI solutions.

Below are the top 3 advantages of our new AdaptaClad RS system over other industry rainscreen systems:

  • Minimized overall material costs
    • Optimized design utilizes proprietary perimeter extrusions to provide versatility on panel stiffener and clip locations
    • Panel stiffeners integrate with perimeter extrusions eliminating the need for attachment brackets
    • Two-sided panel module attachment uses fewer panel clips and fasteners, and eliminates the need for supplementary rails or strapping for most installs – reducing install times and overall labor
    • Allows continuous insulation rails to serve as structural support behind horizontal panel joints – increasing continuous insulation performance and reducing the cost of additional rails
    • Clips are easy to position and less expensive than continuous extrusions

  • Minimized shop fabricated labor
    • Approximately 35% less CNC time required compared with double-bend systems
    • Simple bypass corners eliminate precise fit of mitered corners or corner blocks
    • Silicone press-in soffit vent with integrated insect screen
    • No need for weep holes and screens on panels installed in vertical orientation

  • Minimized field installation labor
    • Panels are approximately 44% lighter and easier to work with than solid core FR panels

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