Dimensional Letters / Cut-Outs

Dimensional signs are one of the most impressionable forms of signage available. Any shape or letter can be formed into a three-dimensional object. Combine these dimensional objects with other sign materials to create custom graphics that can really make your brand pop and come alive. Since this type of application is very precise we narrowed down our sign products to the types most practical for a Cut Out design — signs, fixtures, and displays.

Recommended Products for Your Cut Out Projects

Note: All products are listed in order of best possible panel for this specific application


Why These Products Work Best

  • All our panels can be cut easily using standard wood-cutting/carpentry tools
  • Water resistant features of plastic core panels offer the ability to create intricate cut-out shapes without fear of having to spend countless hours sealing panel edges
  • Note: All wood core products (LusterBoard) must be edge-sealed for outdoor use
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • 5-year or 10-year colorfastness warranty and 5-year panel bond warranty (on most panels) meet long-term requirements of sign
  • All panels can be digitally printed directly onto the substrates using a variety of inks (latex, UV and solvent cured) with little to no prep work
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio of all plastic core panels — means easy to install and require less structural support when installing
  • All panels (except LusterBoard) can be fabricated into 3-dimensional shapes and can be installed using a variety of methods that allow for hidden and accentuated seams and exposed or hidden fasteners — Omega-Bond Premium offers the ultimate capability of fabricating 3D shapes since it can be roll-formed in addition to rout-and-bend