Omega-Bond® Standard

Solid core aluminum composite panel now featuring the same color and finish on both sides, as well as new sizes and thicknesses available


Omega-Bond Standard is a solid core ACM panel that features double or single-sided painted aluminum bonded to a solid polyethylene core making them rigid yet lightweight.

Available sheet thicknesses: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm or 6mm in White, 3mm in colors.


  • Optimal for direct digital printing, bending, routing and cutting
  • Extremely flat, durable, and moisture-resistant
  • Solid core composition prevents bowing, warping, swelling, and delamination
  • Flat, smooth surface ready for paint, inks, vinyl letters and more
  • UL Recognized Component
  • Class A fire rating - passed ASTM E84-16 Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials

Recommended Applications

Available Colors

Click here to view our full selection of standard colors. Custom colors are available upon request.